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We review and evaluate the company and investment based on the professional research and analysis.


​Business success really depends on the precise understanding and analysis of the current situation. We are professional of research and analysis, and support the success of the clients. 

​We have local network in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and India. We can get real and active information and support from local people. 

<Contact us in case of ...>

・Worrying about the management and operation of  an overseas subsidiary. 

・Having concern about the capability of the internal auditors.

・Don't want to pay high fee for  prestigious consulting firms or accounting firms. 

​・No staffs who can speak English, even though having necessity to expand business outside Japan.

​・Worrying about the risk of embezzlement in a company because of many news of frauds in other companies.

・Thinking of investment, however less confidence of risk analysis of investment.

Company Policy

We want to support the growth and development of the company which will be a key company for the future of Japan.


We work together to create new business!

​We make customer network and accelerate business matching and sharing skill or know-how !

  • Business process auditing (company, some business processes, risk analysis)

  • Training of internal auditors to achieve real auditing

  • ​M&A Advisory (Evaluation of a target, risk analysis etc.)

  • Review or monitor overseas or domestic subsidiaries (business process, operation, etc.)

  • Advisory for overseas investment or business expansion

  • Management consulting, Control of management or operation

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