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Company :Investigate Co., Ltd.

Establishment :November 2020

Address: Setagaya ku, Tokyo,  JAPAN

(virtual organization)

Business :Supporting service for the companies or managers based on the professional research and analysis

​CEO :Yoshiaki Kawaguchi

CEO's career

Bachelor & Master Degree of Chemical Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Majored in Biomimetic Chemistry (Artificial Photosynthesis) 

​Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Majored in Finance and Information System

Experience in R&D and manufacturing in the largest beer company (Project manager for Just In Time)

Corporate banking and business analysis in the No.1 Japanese bank. Dispatched to the client for turnover

CFO at global manufacturing company​ of networking machines (M&A, management of  subsidiaries, finance, etc.)

​M&A, Risk Management, Internal Audit (4 years experience at Singapore) at Global Integrated trading company 

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