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What we did

Internal Audit:

​Audited around 50 companies in Asia and Oceania.  Reviewed business process after deep understanding of  business of each company and risk of each business. Not forced unrealistic control to these companies. 

M&A Advisory:

Deep analysis and investigation of a target company by using the skill and know-how of No.1 Japanese bank. Negotiate with the counter party based on the objective result of evaluation.  For sell side, set the highest price based on the information in the market.  In case of evaluation of high tech company, find the most reasonable price by using our network in top tech people.

Sold hotels in Portugal  and golf course in Shanghai.  Investment analysis of IT start-up and manufacturing company etc.

Feb 2021: Our client received the opportunity of stock purchase of manufacturing company with USD1.5MM. We investigated the target company and found many discount factors in this target company. We strongly negotiated with the M&A advisor  for the shareholder of target company and our client could buy it with USD10K. We also advised to our client to revise the draft of Stock Purchase Agreement to lessen the risks and we achieved the improvement of the SPA.

Overseas investment, business expansion :

Collecting information for investment from local network in Singapore, Indonesia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India. (Share the information of investment opportunities at this homepage.)

​In Singapore established business network with the top business people who graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) and so on.  Joining alumni network of Carnegie Mellon University (mostly majored in Computer Science)  and collecting high tech or DX business information.

​In Indonesia, collecting information for investment from Investment Banker who is close to National Oil Industry. 

In Malaysia, analyzed investment for port development and Palm oil business with the information from local banker.

​In Vietnam, established the network with the local investment banker in Ho Chi Minh. Collecting the information about the outsourcing of IT business.


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